Beckley Travel Plaza

Rest Areas, Food Court, Gas Station
Interstate 64 E (Mile Marker 45)
Beckley, WV 25801


  • Food sux here. Staff is rude. Only thing this place is good for is to take a dump
  • Really big bathroom
  • Plan on spending about 10% more for your food here than at your home town restaurant.
  • just don't go to the Travel Plaza go across the street and up the stairs. local arts and crafts really good restaurants and clean restrooms
  • If you're heading north, you have to take a journey just to get here.
  • There are some peculiar people here.
  • So expensive. My $4 water was not worth it
  • The Chinese have taking over working here
  • Sbarro's staff were total dick faces!!!
  • Great choice of food.
  • Starbucks, Sbarro & Burger King inside.
  • They have free WIFI inside,but so many restrictions and blocks you cant even watch Netflix
  • They pizza plAce was closing...gave me 2 for 1....:) lunch tomorrow.
  • Tried 2 different pumps before the 3rd one worked. $6.25 for a chicken Caesar salad with 3 small chunks of chicken. Sbarro guys/kids were dumb asses. Yeah go to one of the truck stops nearby.
  • Sbarro had quick service. The plaza was very busy, I would recommend traveling on to a less busy exit or to stop before you reach this one, especially during peak meal times.
  • Girls bathroom is a damn clustfuck of dumbasses. Everyone working there is rude except the lady in the gift shop. These young kids should be grateful for having a damn job.
  • Filthy bathrooms.
  • They have wifi.
  • Just no...dont stop here
  • Prices are a joke here! Save your money.

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