Beauty with Brittany Lo: The Perfect Ombré Lip

Beauty with Brittany Lo: The Perfect Ombré Lip


Hey guys! I’m back for another Beauty with Brittany Lo post with my favorite ladies from Little Miss Party Planner! This time around, Natasha of Beautini and I headed over to the LMP studio in Greenwich Village to glam Seri and Abby up for a very special event they were styling – the launch party for Mommy Shorts’ new book!

The spotlight for todays post will be on Abby’s lip look. The ladies of LMP recently styled an event for Maybelline cosmetics in the Hamptons, and left with a TON of awesome product to play with. They let me dig through their stash of product to decide what I would be playing with, and let me tell you, I was like a kid in a candy store.


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