Professor Fired for Appearing on a Beer Can

A sociology professor was fired after his image was used on a beer can
Facebook/Holy City Brewery

Professor Paul Rooth was allegedly fired after a picture of his impressive beard was used on a beer can by a local brewery.

An associate professor of sociology with an impressive four-pronged beard says he was fired this week after a picture of his amazing facial hair wound up on a beer can.

Paul Rooth worked at Charleston Southern University as an associate professor of sociology for six years until his face wound up on cans of Chucktown Follicle Brown beer by the local Holy City Brewery. According to Gawker, Rooth competed in a beard contest in New Orleans, and a photographer took his picture. That picture was then turned into an illustration for the beer cans in 2013.

Once the university found out about the beer cans, though, Rooth was allegedly fired because appearing on a beer can is "not representative of a Christian environment."

“Today I was fired from my position as Associate Professor of Sociology because my image (which I do not own & received no compensation) based on a photograph by Greg Anderson Photography appears on a beer can,” Rooth announced Friday on his Facebook page.

Rooth said he is consulting with an attorney to discuss what his next possible options are regarding his sudden termination. 

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"I was told that it was not representative of a Christian environment,” Rooth said to NBC News. “And for me a Christian environment entails two things: looking out for other people and forgiveness of others who've transgressed you."