BBC's "No Kitchen Required" by the Stats

The newest food show on BBC, part 'Survivor,' part 'Top Chef,' by the numbers

The chefs and stars of 'No Kitchen Required' hard at work.

No Kitchen Required may prove that true chefs don't need a fancy kitchen to make innovative meals -- but its stars do need a love of surprises, travel, and plenty of courage.

Three celebrity chefs -- famed chef Michael Psilakis of the new MP Taverna, Chopped star Madison Cowan, and New Zealand's elite personal chef, Kayne Raymond -- are in for a surprise each week as they're dropped in remote locations to fend for themselves. The competition series combines elements Survivor and Top Chef; not only most they make a dish on the spot with new ingredients, they're often left to fend for themselves. Armed with their culinary skills, they're forced to capture their own food, make do with exotic ingredients, and wow locals with their final meals.

We got a sneak peek at the first episode, and first season, and broke down the show by the stats. (We never thought wrestling an alligator would happen more than once.) The show by numbers:

• Number of countries visited: 5

• Number of U.S. states visited: 3 (Florida, New Mexico, and Louisiana)

• Number of locations in Thailand visited: 2 (Chiang Dao and Koh Lanta)

• Number of meals prepared: 10 (1 for each episode)

• Number of Michelin stars for Michael Psilakis' restaurant: 1

• Number of Chopped Grand Champions: 1 (Madison)

• Number of times fishing: 4

• Number of times hunting: 7

• Number of times killing an iguana with a slingshot: 1

• Number of octopuses speared: 1

• Number of times wrestling with an alligator: 2

• Number of appendages lost to a crab: (almost) 1

• Number of emotional breakdowns from a chef: 1 (we won't tell you which one)

• Number of times a chef is accused of hoarding ingredients: 1

The show premieres on April 3 on BBC.