Bay South Garden Blooms with Savory Dining

The Singapore waterfront garden features three restaurants and attractions for environmental enthusiasts

Gardens by the Bay, a series of environment-conscious and horticulture-themed waterfront gardens in Singapore's downtown Marina Bay, has unveiled its newest and largest addition to date, the Bay South Garden. Bay South Garden is 54 hectares of outdoor space, including three eateries located within Flower Dome, a greenhouse, and Supertree Grove, a park of supertrees, large 25-meter to 50-meter trees made from a collection of smaller trees.

Pollen is located inside the Flower Dome, a greenhouse that features a range of plants and flowers from the Mediterranean and semi-arid subtropical regions like South Africa, California, Spain, and Italy. The Flower Dome provides guests insight into the development and adaptation of plant growth and offers interactive media panels that teach guests how human behavior affects the sustainability of nature and the world's eco-systems.

Headed by Jason Atherton, owner of Table No. 1 in Shanghai and the Michelin-starred Pollen Street Social in London, Pollen's menu showcases the flavors of modern European and Mediterranean cuisine, offering up dishes like scallop carpaccio, roasted sea bass, marinated lamb cutlets, and a salad of buttered lobster with pasta, seaweed, and maple dressing.

Nestled atop one of the 50-meter tall supertrees in Supertree Grove is a food court that offers diners aerial views of the Marina Bay and of the Bay South Garden’s daily choreographed light and sound shows. The food court has options like fast food from Texas Chicken, noodles from Peach Garden Noodle House, and traditional Singaporean eats from the Hill Street Coffee Shop. The supertrees are embedded with solar energy panels and covered with 162,900 different species of plants.

For a sweet treat, Bay South Gardens also houses the Seventh Heaven ice cream shop, which offers over 30 flavors like lychee martini, sea salt caramel, passion fruit, black sesame, butterscotch, and pecan.

Other features to visit in Bay South Gardens include the Cloud Forest, a cooled plant conservatory with a large indoor waterfall and a climbable 35-meter tall mountain.