BauBax Introduces the World's First Travel-Friendly Sweatshirt

From by Kat Ward
BauBax Introduces the World's First Travel-Friendly Sweatshirt

Traveling isn't usually known for being the most comfortable experience. With long periods of time spent in cramped, crowded spaces, there is much to groan about when planning your next trip. BauBax is trying to change (at least a small part) of that. Their line of windbreakers, blazers, and sweatshirts are created specifically with travelers in mind. The pieces are often referred to as the, "Swiss Army knife of jackets" due to their 15 travel-friendly features that can make comfort that much more attainable.

In addition to a built-in neck pillow, earphone holders and a water-resistant phone pocket, the jackets also contain pockets for necessary travel items such as your passport. Made of a cotton blend, the materials also make the jacket easy to wash and stuff into a bag at the drop of a hat when new plans arise. Jackets are now available for purchase online, beginning at $110.  

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