Batali Slapped With Another Worker Lawsuit

The chef has been pulled into a sexual harrassment case

Mario Batali

Mario Batali of Eataly and Del Posto fame is now being pulled into a lawsuit against Babbo workers and the restaurant for unspecified damages.

Reportedly, former waiter Eugene Gibbons filed a lawsuit alleging that coworkers at Babbo, "smacked his buttocks on a weekly basis, repeatedly grabbed his genitals, and made crude sexual comments."

Gibbons claims that both Batali and business partner Joe Bastianich knew of the harassment and did nothing; "by their inaction the two chefs condoned the campaign of humiliation," the lawsuit claims. Batali and Bastianich are not named as co-defendants.

This legal issue follows three other lawsuits from Batali employees alleging that Batali restaurant management was skimming tips, among other wage violations.

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