Baseball Cocktails

Enjoy the postseason with a libation or two

Baseball season isn't over yet, celebrate the postseason with team-inspired cocktails.

Cracker Jacks, hot dogs, 10-ounce beers. The crack of the bat and the strong gust of wind you feel when sitting up in the nosebleed section of your favorite team’s home stadium. These fantastic things are just some of the treats that one gets to enjoy at a baseball game. With the changing of seasons from summer to fall, so comes a much bigger change, the change from regular season baseball to postseason baseball.

There is a real appeal to baseball in the trekking out to the home team’s field, sitting in whatever seats are available, and watching one of America’s favorite pastimes. And although the traditional beverage of choice at a baseball game may be an ice-cold beer, why not get creative and enjoy a cocktail or two in support of your favorite team?

To really step up to the plate, we’ve put together some cocktails that give special shouts to some of the teams that are getting a lot of hype going into postseason. Whether you’re having baseball game-watching parties at your home, going to a bar, or even going to the games, stir up some of these cocktails to really get in the batting spirit. Cheers, and may the best team win!

Click here for the drinks inspired by the Washington Nationals, San Francisco Giants, Baltimore Orioles, the New York Yankees, and more. 


— Sara Kay, The