Bartenders Get More Sleep Than Most Americans

According to a new study, they get a couple more minutes of sleep than the rest of us
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It must be due to the late start hours and the proximity to booze, but research shows that bartenders are some of the most well-rested individuals in America.

Mattress chain Sleepy's recently hired researchers to crunch some numbers from the National Health Interview Survey. While home health aides and lawyers get the least amount of sleep on average (6 hours and 57 minutes, and 7 hours, respectively), loggers, hairstylists, sales reps, and bartenders get the most amount of sleep.

Bartenders, it seems, usually get 7 hours and 14 minutes of sleep on average, just 17 minutes more than home health aides. And while these may not sound like big differences at all, it's not surprising that chefs don't make the cut.