Lounge, Nightclub, Bar
$ $ $
430 Mason St (at Post St)
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 421-1916


  • Ask for Meredith
  • Join Zhaldee & DJ Slick D every Wednesday for FAT LACES. 80', 90's with a little twist of Electro & Dance!
  • Don't go down the slide. It hurt.
  • Make sure you are well buzzed by the time you get here because the drinks are a rip-off - $13 for a gin martini. Guess Jonathan has to make up for Friendster failure.
  • Come to E2F at Slide! Stands for Every 2nd Friday! Always packed and one crazy party! You won't be disappointed!
  • If you want to go down the slide, wear jeans and tuck in your arms.
  • This is my favorite lounge by the same owners of Ruby Skye. It has a slide inside that you can take right down to the dance floor. It's retrostyle 80's design with a great sound system. The venue play
  • Slide down the slide!!!
  • Guest list only on Friday and Saturday? Wtf??? Never coming there again.
  • Party bar-dance venue! One if the best in Frisco.
  • Republicans have parties here.
  • The venue was tiny, the music was subpar and it was completely empty on a Saturday evening.
  • Bartenders have earplugs to give out behind the bar. Just ask and they're free. The music is painfully loud.
  • Crowded, $10 cover for men Friday night, but fun.
  • Try going down the slide before you get drunk haha (3 of 4 petals via Fondu)
  • E2F "Every 2nd Friday" is always crackin! If you're in the area on a 2nd Friday, come on thru for one crazy party!
  • If you're a guy go with girls... or friend some girls in line to pretend to be in your group. The bouncers are notorious for pulling bs that you cant get in if you arent on the [non-existent]guestlist
  • They have a menu of drinks which sound cool. $12 each. But hey, the bartenders don't actually know how to make them. Or what's in them. Enjoy your $10 vodka-cran.
  • Make sure you wear jeans on the slide. Went here for my 21st and luckily people warned me that I needed p[ants to go on there. So fun!
  • If you want to go down the slide don't weat a dress! And drinks are expensive

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