Riff Raff's

Row 1

360 Park Ave S (at E 26th St)
New York, NY 10010
(212) 951-7111

Foursquare Tips

  • Beware of the walrus
  • Riff Raff's is always a shitshow... with facepaint. Enough said.
  • Show up to work tomorrow in warpaint...you ain't cool unless you pretend scalp your clients
  • The name probably gives it away. This Tuesday night party is far from tame, as is evidenced by the tribal paint.
  • Grab and unfunny drink like a red bull vodka a hit the dance floor hard with a hottie you just met at this exclusive bar. Dress to impress or else you won't get in.
  • Make sexy time with strangers while sharing punch bowls and bonging cocktails out of flamingo fountains.
  • You can down a magnum of Cristal, order tropical shots and bottle service, buy banana-flavored condoms, or just go ahead and drop $2000 on a sharable drink called The Palm Tree.
  • Love this place. great tiki! and face painting!
  • awesome bartenders & face paint!
  • Tribal-themed decor, scantily clad girls wearing war paint, pink flamingo punch, sparklers ablaze, napkins flying everywhere... This is not your average nightclub. Bottle service highly recommended.
  • Tuesday nights. Period.
  • Face paint, all the cool kids are doing it!
  • Small but fun. Gets crowded,but reasonable.
  • Get your face painted at the trendy tropical-themed club below the Hurricane Club.
  • I came with my friend, she was not allowed in because of her looks. I hope someday NYC will realize that it's not the pretty girls that make this city great but the strong ones.
  • Great spot! Lovely Music and Ambiance!
  • Stupid door men LOL
  • There's no one better than Gavin.