Pocket's Sports Bar & Restaurant

Sports Bar
210 S Industrial Blvd
Euless, TX 76040



  • No signal inside bar.. Ugh
  • WiFi passcode: 12345abcde
  • TERRIBLE service, over priced pool, beat up tables. The burger I had tasted decent enough, but the food poisoning that ensued after was the true show stopper. Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere.
  • When bartenders complain about not getting tips cause of shitty service, they shouldn't complain cause they do give shitty service and kick people out cause those people call them out on it.
  • The HD Golden Tee machine is a dollar cheaper than the older model. If you see a dude that looks like Jesus, he'll play a quick 18 with you.
  • They were closed as in not existing
  • Try an "S.O.B." Shot. Mayor's favorite.