$ $
118 S Clinton St
Iowa City, IA 52240
(319) 351-9898


  • Get beat at big buck!
  • Well...I'm drunk.
  • Camden darts now
  • Jared has clearly let the Big Macs go to his head. The music here is energetic and eclectic and the bartenders are awesome. As for the gay reference, that just makes him look like an ignorant prick.
  • Best jukebox in IC
  • Bartenders here rule!
  • Not a Camden account. Don't play darts here! :-)
  • Forget vanilla ice. Try a vanilla fire! Dr. McGillicuddy Vanilla and Fireball Whisky! You are welcome.
  • During weekends get here by 12AM before it becomes a mad house!
  • They don't know how to make any gin drink.
  • Ask for the "value meal"
  • Great atmosphere, usually an older crowd (mid-upper 20s). Gorgeous bartenders that love playing icing pranks. Glad to see they added a backbar as this place can get crowded!
  • Oh, you got that HBD? Shots are in order. See the doc.
  • Beers and bros.
  • Bar Olympics!
  • A fun bar to be at but can be over crowded at times. Other than that this bar is great after a hawkeye football victory. Younger crowd at bar hours here.
  • Great place to have 28 different drafts!

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