Row 1

247 N 4th Ave
Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 623-8600

Foursquare Tips

  • The bouncers are super chill. Just don't piss them off or they'll show no mercy.
  • The waiters here are hot
  • come in and root for the Brewers and Packers
  • Worst bar in town
  • Awful service. Complete shit. Oh and you can't get in if you have a neck tattoo. Lmao so dumb
  • Decent food, safe to hang out here as long as the sun's out. The bros and thugs come out at night!
  • Super nice and friendly staff!-- you all ROCK!
  • Who said drunchies has to involve cheese and pepperoni. Let your sweet tooth lead the way. Go for the OMalleys Brownie Sundae.
  • Best chkn quesadilla I've ever had - gr8 amount of heat/green chiles. Good beer specials, esp 4 someone used to paying East Coast prices. But go @ night so you don't see how bad the bathrooms are.Yuck
  • Basically a big warehouse full of drunks.
  • Food is good if you can get them to bring it to your table. Seems like they might have been in the alley dealing with drama ala Vanderpump Rules. Because the place was practically empty
  • Ynot Entertainment has your karaoke needs covered on Monday at 9 and Wednesdays with a live band for only $5! Cover includes a ticket for a shot!
  • Props to the mgmt for hiring all hottie female bartenders :)
  • The well whiskey is "Ten High" which is poor man's jack, don't ask why I know that but try it, it's great!
  • Not that great. Skip it.
  • If you want to hang out in the company of every Tucson frat tool that just turned 21, or relish ina long island made from a pre-made mix, then O'Malley's is the place for you!
  • there is a bartender there that is smoking hot. gotta check her out :)
  • go to omalleys and visit me, tanner, i am amazing. the reward for this is the opportunity to see me, people.
  • Miller lite draft!!!!!