Muse 2

$ $ $
282 Huaihai M Rd | 淮海中路282号 (4/F Hongkong Plaza | 香港广场)
Huangpu, 上海市 200021
+86 21 6288 6222


  • There r many pick pockets here. Be careful. Lost 2 phones here
  • it is so hot, noisy, and sexy here. fallen angels with black wings, black bra, and hot body.
  • A truly Chinese experience club! Imagine to be transported in a Berlin Techno/House club in Shanghai, full of locals. Great "dub" location and very cheap cocktails (100RMB for 10 drinks).
  • Money talks bullshit walks
  • If you like to be surrounded by the crowd, then it's the place to go.
  • :
  • Pretentious, showy, noisy! Just the way a nightclub in Shanghai should be.
  • VIP room above dj is great. Pool table and private bar!!
  • Terrible Service, the waiters are very agresive and not helpfull at all be carefull with tem , the quality of drinks is very bad. I would recomend to take the party elsewhere..
  • Music is really, really loud, don't forget ears protector
  • always packed, always exciting, always seeing the same faces. when i don't know where to go, m2 is always the first choice
  • I just lost my iPhone here. Be careful of pick pockets. I hope the owner of this club can do something to avoid this problem
  • Sortie nin eline su dokemez ama cin standartlari uzerinde cilginca bir yer hersey serbest ama hersey :)
  • not that cheap ofc..some says 10 cocktails for 100rmb,lies..they must be cockdrips :-/ a little shitshot of tsingtao costs 35rmb is 48rmb tho theres no vodka in :-/ sucks big time
  • stay calm not to punch fuckd up waiters.
  • Many hookers, too bad here
  • Super crowded!!! ...not a fan.
  • Minimal music and rich locals getting drunk, maybe not the best place if you want to party hard but crowded of expats (maybe too much at weeknights) and sometimes with good drink offers.
  • Money talks bullshit walk poor fat white folk just hope
  • Wednesday and Saturday this is the only place you can find me , crowed by nice. I'm lovin'it

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