MIX Club

Nightclub, Pub, Bar
$ $ $
Gongti N Rd (at Worker Stadium W Gate)
北京市, 北京市
+86 10 6530 2689


  • Wifi password "beijingmixclub"
  • Went to this place a few times after arriving in Beijing. Don't go any more though. It's too big, too crowded and the music played is always cheesy nonsense.
  • They try to keep 1 or 2 bottles of Chivas on their table. That's funny, it must look like they are rich, but... Everyone understand ))) it's nothing but.. (Here in Russian) ... )))))
  • Tam olarak Liseli ergen mekani imis gorduk ogrendik :)
  • Music = nth special *Too crowned, mix up with local people n foreigner! Specially big fat,bald Chinese guys! :< *becareful gals they always standing behind u & etc.... Thumb down for this place
  • Just full of chinese
  • Stay away from Mix ,, Not good place for a foreign guy ,, all chinese guys trying to have a problem with u ,,, even if u didnt do a shit ,,,
  • Alcohol is very expensive, Chinese cannot dance and sing most of world popular hits. That's poor. But music is very good... Around 2 a.m. ))) and when you spend 500 y)))) anyway, Russian clubs better
  • Vale la pena ver el one Child policy en su apogeo !! Y nadie lo cree de verdad hasta que lo ve
  • Very crowded...
  • 1) The largest dance floor in Beijing making this Beijing's largest dance club; 2) four dance floors/zones with different DJs and music; 3) more locals than laowais; 4) it's really for young people
  • -p
  • Merhaba ben sana bir ey yok
  • let's have fun
  • Gzel ve eglenceli 4 gn
  • It's nice place to have fun ...but I prefer Vics nightclub ..it is in front of Mix...just open your eyes you see it
  • I prefere vics

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