, Tennessee
(901) 576-6500


  • Hide ya kids, hide ya wife, hide ya girlfriend cause they shootin' everybody out here. ;)
  • Came here for a wedding. All the locals were very kind. Especially the crowd at Brooks Museum of Art.
  • Grizzlies rock!!! Beale Street is pretty rockin'! <3
  • Tourism awaits. History at the door. Good food everywhere.
  • Ride through here with thumbs up!
  • All food is good here!
  • Love these southerners. Gonna work on becoming one
  • Between city hall and the Federal building there is a pretty view of the Arkansas bridge over the Mississippi river; take a gander.
  • Just love it in memphis
  • There's a lot to see in Memphis. You have the Memphis Zoo and Aquarium, the Pink Palace Museum, Auto Zone Park, Beale St. and much much more. I love it in Memphis.
  • CCW Suggested at ALL times!!! (Memphis... The modern day Tombstone)
  • Memphis is really a fun and awesome place to explore By The Way Indeed.
  • Sun records & BB Kings with live music are musts
  • Memphis is a great town to enjoy. Lots of great history and of course - the home of The King Elvis Presley. Totally worth visiting.
  • Always some thing to do
  • Learn foursquare
  • There is so much to see & do here in this city. Especially down on Beale Street. Get with the right people & see the sights. Don't forget to try the best places to eat.
  • Everything is awesome .
  • Such a beautiful city
  • If you're looking for a good SAFE time, I would avoid Beale St. and recommend the Cooper Young area.