Row 1

Nanyang Rd (Tongren Road)
上海市, 200040

Foursquare Tips

  • If want find hooker. Go manhattan ! White Chinese Russian Black Thai Philippines Malay ladyboy...
  • Not hookah but hooker bar:)
  • You might order your drinks if bar tender is not busy with his phone on sending messages. It's ridiculous but true . They are owe full.
  • One of the most scary places I've ever been to..... But if you're a single guy looking for a "good night" then this is your solution...
  • Nedense hep Trk'ler var :)
  • For men Best bar in Shanghai. Wonferfull music
  • GOOD Place for Men
  • Last stop Shanghai for guys
  • Bar-Gece Kulb aras bir yer, zellikle canl mzik, bar zeri danslar eliinde bireyler imek ve bekar beyler olarak ieride bolca olan kzlarla birka saat geirmek isterseniz gzel bir yer.
  • Veni, vidi,... Well you will figure the next later
  • Go early get better!
  • Can find anything!
  • Great shows
  • Best late last stop place in Shanghai 7 days a week
  • Here no ladyboys or black ones allowed but still many disputes seen in between people almost every nights.TheirWC terrible.Never expect clean place.They should pay more attention for customers but not
  • Old whites and young Asian girls.
  • Wrong not hokkah bar. ts a real Hooker Bar
  • Wondeful array of male gigolos
  • Lots of women last stop shanghai
  • When you really have no more hope with girls!