312 E Broad St (Jackson St.)
Athens, GA 30601
(706) 543-0797


  • Ask for Cameron
  • Come on Wednesdays for $1 Wells.. #jetlife
  • The hot blonde bartender is Callie. Contain yourselves boys.
  • Free pool!
  • Don't give John Davis sweet tea vodka
  • Chad is the best Mentor ever, Nikki is the best Bartender ever, & Alex is a total doucher
  • Tuesdays are $6 bottle of wine! How classy, and cheap! Pinkies up!!!
  • Ask Dakota about Ron Paul!!
  • Ask for Kip!
  • Ask for Jenna
  • If you're hitting it up during the week, come on Tuesdays.
  • very disrespectful staff. if you don't look like your in a fraternity watch out. this is not professional business. very vulgar staff.
  • Love it. Definitely go there!
  • Wednesdays + Magnolias = Best deals in Athens
  • $4 for a corona?! I was not expecting a bar tab that big 0.0 Worth it tho
  • Great rum!!
  • Amazing Specials
  • Not only me but other people that I know confirmed that the bartender at this place is well known for being rude and bad at mixing drink. STAY AWAY from this bar, or at least the blonde artender!
  • A bartender made us a sweet and sour drink he had no name for. We named it Windex cuz it was blue. It is really good too!
  • So many hot frat boys. Watch out for the ones whose dick personalities are bigger than what's in their pants.

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