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Reichenberger Str. 177 (Dresdener Str.)
Berlin, Berlin 10999
+49 30 23274690


  • Be sure to look up and see all the weird shit on the ceiling / above the bar
  • Full-on lesbian hang-out every Tuesday
  • Full body contact on Thursday night.
  • ywiec from Poland! ;-))
  • Always good atmosphere in a nice friendly atmosphere. Interesting interior, peanuts and crisps served on the bar; gay or not gay, here ull enjoy urself
  • Im Flipper sind manchmal noch Freispiele drinne.
  • Overcrowded on Thursdays. This is both a plus or a minus, it depends how you look at it :)
  • Where the girls at?
  • Sorry. This place was cool 2 years ago. Find some other place to hype and invade. Move on.
  • Lesbian night on Tuesdays! Best drink: rhubarb juice with wisent vodka...tastes like holidays :)
  • This is a gaybar hidden in the big white building am Kottbusser Tor. Everyone is free to have drinks even though they try to scare away straight visitors.
  • Be nice and shut up
  • Leave a tip. Especially for Clemens, he's the most friendly and cool bartender in town.
  • Don't think that you're the only one who's not getting served - the service has MUCH better things to do than to realise your existence...
  • Way too dude heavy
  • Go there Thursday night! -> full house
  • The place, music and people are really nice but they let it get so full that at some point you cannot move
  • cool place especially thursdays
  • Great spot for a relaxed, cheap(!) beer after work.
  • Thursday nights are always busy. Bar has little aircon so can get really hot. Crowd is your usual gay grungy friendly neighbour type

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