Hogs & Heifers

Bar, Dive Bar
859 Washington St (at W 13th St)
New York, NY 10014
(212) 929-0655



  • Like a mashup between Disneyland and a crackhouse. Seriously, don't.
  • Crazy barmaids insult you till you laugh
  • The last of it's kind in NY, Coyote Ugly is just for torrists and suits. I'll have a beer and a shot and of course a long look at you ample cleavage miss (not necessarily in that order of course)
  • If you in Manhattan and want to have a good time in bar, you came at the right place
  • Tourist trap of the meat p. If u hVent left NYC in 20 years then com here. If ur civilized then don't. NYC has more to offer then this cliche
  • See Ashley tapdance and look at her melons!
  • Dance on the bar and give 'em your bra... :-P
  • This place was horrid. The bar tenders all looked like they'd seen better days. Think meth heads w bad attitudes. Skip it unless that's your thing.
  • This may or may not be the only place around here that you can get your 20 year old cousin in.
  • Smells like a gas station bathroom.
  • The bartenders harassed my buddy all night and it was piss your pants hilarious... But he prob didn't enjoy that... Gotta be ready to man up here
  • Behave.
  • Literally Coyote Ugly. But better. But cash only.
  • Have a contest with your friends: whoever can coerce a female patron to toss her bra into the rafters get free drinks for the rest of the weekend.
  • Hilarious. $2 beers with additional shots. Honestly I had the best time with friends here. No judgement zone. Just have fun! Line dance, swing, country, it's all possible!
  • Hilarious abusive bartenders and fantastic eclectic decor plus $2 PBRs.
  • Give Tina All Your Money !!
  • Alexis - babababarrtender for Alex
  • If you want to be insulted by the waitresses, go there... Si vous voulez vous faire insulter/ridiculiser par les serveuses, allez la bas...
  • It's ridiculous here.

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