Harpoon Tap Room

Bar, Brewery, Pub
Satellite Concourse A (BOS Airport)
Boston, MA 02128
(617) 574-9551


  • Pre-flight IPA is one of the best things ever.
  • The food is all prepackaged save your money
  • Try the sampler or the lobster quesadillas before you head out on your adventure. And don't forget to try one of the delicious beers!
  • Harpoon Cider is very tasty!
  • The lobster quesadillas are pretty good. The beer is really good.
  • Watch out for hairs in your drink and service sucks only one server to handle the whole rush! Asked for two chicken noodle soups only got one!
  • This place sucks. Server didn't was slow and rude. Section blows.
  • Harpoon dark will make you kiss a stranger plum on the mouth. IPA too.
  • Great beer, food selection is slim.
  • The food options are sparse, but the beer is good. If you're health conscious, the salad was little better than basic, but tasted fresh. They accommodated my request for 2x portion of chicken on top.
  • The food is great here try pastrami, hot dog, or lobster roll
  • Freshest thing on my salad was the croutons.
  • Perfect place if you want to wait 30 minutes and not even get acknowledged.
  • Get the pastrami sandwich!
  • Harpoon winter warmer is the best beer in the world!
  • Cozy clean food selection small but yummy, organic & easy to serve, just what you need while waiting for your flight, right? Staff is friendly and professional, reason why I work there. Look me up.
  • Give yourself time before a flight for an IPA or UFO or both. Delish.
  • Dont try to steal the pint glasses. Theyll catch ya!
  • Beer seems to be at least relatively fresh. Its too open to the terminal, though. Makes you feel like youre sitting at the gate drinking from a paper bag.
  • Try the pilot flight to sample experimental beers.

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