283 W. Jianguo Rd. (Jiashan Rd.)
上海市, 上海市
+86 186 0212 7141


  • Pizza is shockingly good.
  • Henry is hi as a kite, again
  • Nice new outside furniture, shame about the regulars
  • Making work sexy
  • Cricket? I didn't think this bar could get anymore boring.
  • The yocals, what do these shitheads do? They are here at all times of day
  • 17% meat. Oh
  • White wine is best drank with soda and lots of ice
  • It smells of boy jizz
  • More cunts in this shithole than usual on a Monday
  • Worst grub pizza yet. Even worse than when Hardeep was here
  • Tuesday night thinkery, worse than a regular night in the grub. Avoid.
  • Could need a paintjob,though...
  • Opening party on the 18.11
  • Pizzas are pretty nice
  • G&g drink surprisingly good.
  • The food has improved since that Hardeep left
  • That lime and ginger ale and Jameson stuff ain't half bad
  • Friday 29th august 2014 10rmb from every drink goes to