The Fan Sports Lounge

Sports Bar, Bar
2990 Olive St (at Victory Park Ln.)
Dallas, TX 75219



  • Don't buy any of the autographs.. Very fake
  • Come and yell at Arnie like half of Dallas wants to. Who cares if he's behind sound proof glass and can't hear you.
  • The Fan is a memorabilia-lined lounge with 24 flatscreens and a 10-foot projector, offering a private back room with twin 3D TVs/Wiis. They'll fill your belly with Earl Campbell sausage dogs too.
  • I love this place! TVs everywhere, good service, good food! $1 Mimosas for brunch ;)
  • They'll plug your blue and silver painted belly rad-full with Earl Campbell sausage dogs. Go Cowboys, Mavs, and Stars!
  • Biggest HD Projection Screen I've ever seen.
  • For a soft open, quite possibly the worst service
  • Best bartenders around, as well as good cold beer. The drinks are reasonably priced, and the food is great. Theres also a pretty good mix of people, not just sports fanatics like you might expect.
  • We had a huge group of 10 people, and not once did our server make a mistake. He was very friendly and really went above and beyond to make sure we had a good time.
  • look out for last call @ 8pm Saturday during March madness. be ready to leave during a game
  • Our waitress, Tiffany, had a stick up her ass and was quite rude. Food was ok. Overpriced.
  • Awesome place.
  • The meats pizza is the best that you ever had
  • $1 mimosas for brunch...already impressed! My kind of place..
  • I went yesterday before the Super Bowl & was able 2 meet my fav Cowboy: Laurent Robinson. got him there and it was cool The Fan got him to come. He signed stuff for me.Great place
  • Worst waitress ever. How long does it take to order a dr. Pepper? 30 minutes and counting. Bitchy attitude from the beginning with this waitress.
  • It's all called the Fan Sports Lounge, not Bar.
  • This was exactly the kind of bar I was looking for! I got to do all of my favorite things watch the game, drink beer, and eat finger food.
  • Had a great weekend at The Fan watching the game on their large screen TVs, which have excellent picture quality and good sounds systems. Also great food and beer!
  • This place has a really good selection of beers, as well as finger food. I go to watch a lot of the games, and am always impressed by how well the staff handles the crowd.

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