Entrance The Music Temple

Nightclub, Bar, Wine Bar
$ $
Grand Aston City Hall (Jalan Balai Kota No. 1)
Medan, North Sumatera 20111
+62 61 4573900


  • Enjoy the music + dancing on the dancefloor.. Trance your soul..!!! Join & Cheeeerrzz!! ;D *iLoveToBeThere w/ mySuperDj.Adhi*
  • hello i'm at
  • Dance floor so good
  • enjoy your nightlife here, rock your body til the party's over. Five star discotheque is on your head
  • Great place to forget damn and shit things.. Rock On!! (_)
  • shake your body, feel another atmsophere of the rythm
  • Place for you to get high! lol...
  • Go to the dance floor and feel it
  • "The Music Temple"
  • {~BEAT~] ^o^
  • No doubt,, its d best club in medan..
  • Bagooossszzz..
  • get krazy on the dance floor.!!!
  • Msh buka y tuh tempat?
  • Hmmmmm, the sound sistem not good. Weeekss
  • geleng-geleng
  • I totally can in ? Wow , love it
  • Even, this place is really high class, I'm more enjoying nite club in bali... Or maybe coz Imma not accustomed to go to nite club in medan
  • check it out !
  • Don't forget that you can enjoy your live with the other way :p

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