Capital Spirits (首都酒坊)

Cocktail, Speakeasy
$ $ $
40 Daju Alley
北京市, 北京市


  • Great concept and interesting interior, drinks are okay had this signature baijiu sour probably I can never really enjoy baijiu...
  • This is the place to taste Chinas national hooch: baijiu. Capital Spirits allows patrons to try brews in small tastes without committing to a whole bottle, still a relatively unknown practice.
  • Hippest bar in Beijing. Definitely get a local experience walking through a hutong to get there. The bartenders provide great explanations in English, if youre a foreigner. The bathroom sitch tho...
  • Really cool environment hidden away in a hutong. Keep an open mind for baijiu.
  • This is not closed and is a great place?
  • A great introduction to baijiu with friendly staff. Skip the cocktails - the stuff is meant to be drank straight for a reason.
  • Pretty cool place, the Baijiu cocktail is a quite creative idea actually. The Bar is not big yet very cozy. Good choice for feeling Hutong if u sit outside.
  • Excellent drinks and the bartenders are very nice!
  • Ma-La Rita and the bartenders are super nice!
  • Trying something exotic? For sure you're in the right bar. Just don't sit next to this like I did. This shit kept creeping me out all night long.