Camp 4

$ $
1173 Dundas St W (btwn Lakeview & Ossington)
Toronto, ON M6J 1X4
(416) 546-6780


  • Correct address is 1173 Dundas St West
  • Am I the only person who wants to steal the awesome wood tables here?
  • Camp 4 just opened on Dundas West. Now drinking, like rock-climbing, doesn't end in a fall when done well -- but we're ready either way.
  • PBR & Jameson's for $10
  • Where young and old hipsters unite...
  • Best bourbon sours in the city! Make sure they make 'em with egg whites.
  • Ask Damara to pour you tons of drinks. They're all super delicious and good for your health.
  • 50 & bourbon for 8$? Yes please
  • They don't allow you to make drawings on their chalkboard. Sad but slightly appropriate.
  • ask Joey to make you a mojito - muy sabroso
  • Stiegl and Boris in tall cans.
  • Best old fashions and a great place to hang!

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