Beavertown Brewery

Row 1

17-18 Lockwood Industrial Estate, Mill Mead Road
London, N17 9QP
$ $
Sat: 2:00 PM–8:00 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • Yet to brew a gluten free beer, there are tasty pre-mixed shorts available for those who can't drink the admittedly very tasty house flavours. Perfect for sunny days - plenty of tables outside.
  • Gets busy but has a large area for outdoor seating. Great on a hot day! 2.50 ea. glass deposits. Excellent fresh beers - go for a Lupuloid
  • Really good beers, great atmosphere. The beergarden is a threat when sunny!
  • Preacher Man (apricot and peach) is great for those who don't like beer - and even those who do!
  • Great spot in the sun! You can't get your deposit back though on the large bottles, only the glasses.
  • Drink Gamma Ray every day
  • Gamma Ray!
  • Having great beer at a cheaper price! Don't forget to buy some beer when you leaving because it is also cheaper than elsewhere. 6 cans are only 12
  • Brilliant brewery making excellent beer. One of the top British breweries making a name for themselves on the world stage.
  • Good beer straight from the brewery. Good street food too but be prepared for a wait
  • Best beers and coolest brand in London!
  • Massive place, best when the sun is shining and you can sit outside. Bavarian drinking hall vibes. Reasonable prices and of course fantastic beer.
  • Awesome! Great staff and that tap room
  • Get the Gamma Ray and try to time it when Deeney's is there.
  • They've started accepting cards now which makes things easier.
  • Pumpkin spiced is quite sickly but good value.
  • Cheap, huge outdoor seating area, indoor space too, amazing beer, street food, games. What more could you ask for...well, perhaps late opening ;)
  • Beer. Beer. Craft beer.
  • 8ball IPA is very good!
  • Saturday tap room. Great street food and awesome ales at good prices.