B-Side Tavern

Dive Bar, Wine Bar, Bar
632 E Burnside St (at SE 7th Ave)
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 233-3113
4:00pm - 2:30am
4:00pm - 2:30am
4:00pm - 2:30am
4:00pm - 2:30am
4:00pm - 2:30am
4:00pm - 2:30am
4:00pm - 2:30am



  • It's hard to say if B-Side is a great bar or just a great alternative to the other bars in the immediate area. Either way, it gets the job done well.
  • With a well-lit outdoor patio, The B Side makes for a great good-weather drinking spot.
  • Btw, not really a wine bar.
  • Please just treat the bartender well...$1 a drink minimum please...
  • It's dark in here.
  • best jukebox in pdx!
  • Great Patio!!
  • Best cheap beer happy hour in town probably..
  • I really like this place. Beer is cheap, great IPA as well, Star Trek pinball, stuff super friendly and kind. Ah, and WiFi!
  • Posited beside Sizzle Pie makes it the perfect place to get sloshy and loose before heading next door to soak up your drinks with a slice of Ol Dirty before heading back and to start all over again.
  • Good outdoor patio. Good dive bar.
  • Crappy Hour.. $1 Rainier...
  • They make their greyhounds with Ocean Spray. It ain't no fresh squeezed juice, but it's a fuck of a lot better than the canned shit or the nonsense that comes out of the soda gun.
  • Drinks...drinks...and more drinks.
  • Simply putno popped collars
  • The "Headband" here is awesome! (Tall Tequila Soda with a lime)
  • Ask to see the dildo accident x-ray.
  • The patio is pretty good
  • Tip for certain people...when you walk out the front door, take a right and keep walking, you'll hit Gresham...hang a sharp left and do the same you end up at rimjobs or Beaverton. It's like magic!
  • This isn't rontoms. That's at the end of the block.

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