Amtrak's Metropolitan Lounge

Lounge, Train Station
225 S Canal St (at W. Adams St. (inside Union Station))
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 655-2189


  • Totally worth the price of a sleeper car just to wait in this lounge vs The Lord of the Flies society in the regular boarding area. They do need a family bathroom though 4 kids.
  • After check-in allow Me to store your luggage while you venture out.
  • Free coffee, juice and snacks for all who enter here.
  • The private lounge users look like airport concourse dwellers. Today, so do I.
  • Load up on Goldfish and Rold Gold pretzels for your trip.
  • The lounge here is probably the nicest I've seen. There's a baggage room attendant who will check your bags and hold them while you explore the city. Don't forget to tip!
  • "Pepsi - no Coke."
  • Theyre hardcore about the no outside food/drink. Theyll let you sit in the entryway to finish it but thats all.
  • Renovated just last year. Facilities incl showers. Just wait for the front desk to check in everyone and then they'll sign you in for it. You give them your license in exchange for a key card & towel.
  • Wifi password amtrak1234
  • Staff is large , as it should be. They are friendly and helpful. Even though I was in coach, management treated me respectfully and allowed me to use it because of problems I had encountered.
  • #TeamAmtrak so helpful here! Search #AmtrakJobs by keyword and location at
  • Got super advice and directions to dinner and a walk in the city for my layover from Barry. He was super!
  • Don't bother standing in line. There is plenty of room 99% of the time.
  • Trains will leave on time but show up late