Bar, Eastern European
$ $
Kazinczy u. 52/b
Budapest, Budapest 1075
+36 20 776 0765
11:00am - 3:00am
11:00am - 3:00am
11:00am - 3:00am
11:00am - 4:00am
11:00am - 4:00am
11:00am - 4:00am
11:00am - 3:00am


  • A kaja nem rossz, de csodt senki ne vrjon. Sajna' a koktlokban "kicsit" sok a jg.
  • Valamirt mindig azt rzem szvessget tesznek amikor 15 perc utn kiszolglnak...
  • Kulfoldi "azert jovunk Budapestre mert olcson lehet inni" kanok mulatnak escort lanyokkal videki disco zenere, ami recseg. Regen jobb volt valahogy ez a hely.
  • A felszolgls kritikn aluli.
  • jl el lehet ide bjni valakivel :)
  • A quasadilla nagyon finom!
  • 400 offers large portions of Serbian cuisine, a wallet-friendly daily menu consisting of three courses, and a spacious interior sprinkled with puffy couches.
  • Best to skip this dump and find some place else. Drinks are weak, service is retarded, wanna be gangsters living their early 90's glory days...
  • The shittiest place in the world, sickening food, horrible drinks. Tasteless olives, lemonade instead of mojito, awful almond liqueur, humus from hell. DON'T GO HERE!
  • Complete nonsense but you cannot ask for drinks from the bar but have to wait at your table for the waiter. What kind of pub is this? :)
  • Fl kirlysgom a szerb burgerrt!
  • a hely a nevet az alapterulete mereterol kapta :)
  • i like it...:)
  • Szerb burger nagyon j! Slt krumpli nem jr hozz!
  • Sit outside in summer and have great serbian hamburger with a pint of soproni!
  • Csirks Quesadilla 10/9 ;)
  • Szerb burger jo!
  • The prices are typical of the area, while the kitchen concocts exciting Serbian flavors. This is an ideal spot for long talks and larger groups.
  • Wifi: pitajkonobara
  • Lecs: * * * * *

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