Barnes & Noble

Bookstore, Food & Drink
1800 McFarland Blvd E Ste 200 (Midtown Shopping Ctr)
Tuscaloosa, AL 35404
(205) 349-6366


  • Have the pizza in the cafe, it's yummy!!!
  • Cool off with a frapp at Barnes & nobles this summer
  • It's hot this summer cool down with a frap
  • Come In and check out the new nook tablet ! You know you want one.
  • This Barnes & Noble store is also an AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot. Curl up with your Nook and connect with AT&T Wi-Fi.
  • Wonderful environment for studying or just to collect your thoughts! Get lost in the pages at Barnes & Noble. Couldn't resist the $25 membership card! The discounts are so worth it!
  • I wish they had more tables in the cafe, but it's still an awesome place to relax and get lost in a book. The staff is really helpful with new recommendations!
  • Get Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes for your holiday parties!!!!
  • Knitting group on Wed nights. 6:30
  • Come and try the Mac & cheese in the cafe, it's really good!!!!!!!
  • Needs more electrical outlets!!
  • Want to take all your books with you?? Get a nook!! Come and put your hands on one today up front at the nook counter!
  • Hi, this is william I'll like to know if I got the right contact to a graphic designer. Kindly let me know.
  • Great place to grab a book or magazine.
  • Great selection of books!
  • Awesome place to sit down and enjoy a book.
  • Great Oreo Cheesecake, give it a try, it won't disappoint
  • This Barnes & Noble has a great study atmosphere and is a place that is even fun to visit during a study break. This is one of my favorite shops located in the Midtown Village area.
  • My favorite place to study! It's quiet and a cool environment to hang out and read or study.
  • Love this place. I always get stuck just wandering looking through various books. They also have a good selection of graphic design and art magazines.

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