Barnes & Noble

500 16th St (in Denver Pavilions)
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 825-9166


  • Try their WiFi, it's really really free.
  • Don't call ahead for reservations. They are always booked here.
  • Sweep the leg. As many of them as you can. Like a janitor!
  • Very comfortable Barnes & Noble. Great place to catch up on my favorite book and favorite bottle of vodka.
  • Stay out of the bathrooms if you know what's good for you.
  • Looking for US Atlas for trip to FL
  • A great variety of novelty items for those interested in modern media things such as walking dead, halo, or comic book things. Not too crowded all the time and a nice coffee shop inside.
  • You can use the bathroom without buying anything. Is there anything more you really need to know?
  • Cleanest unlocked bathroom on the Mall! Wish they'd do something about all the homeless people and beggars on the Mall though!
  • Really nice. WiFi all day no one bugs you. You don't have to buy anything to use the bathroom. You can spend all day there.
  • There is a Starbucks in here! Not a bad place to hang out and grab a new book.
  • Sadly not too much reading space at this B&N
  • Love the size of this store
  • Wifi too slow!!!
  • Nice, secluded reading spot upstairs liking over 16th st. Mall
  • Try the books
  • Great discounts after holidays.
  • This is a nice place 2 go 2 & buy some books on 16th St.
  • Avoid the bathroom if at all possible. It's not clean or nice, and the smell is always unbearable. Other than that, this is a great location with a large selection of books.
  • Good place to visit before movie

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