Barilla Center Call-to-Action Focuses on Change, Now

Nina Sparling

Following a recent report about the urgent need to address the relationship betwen agriculture and climate change, the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition released a series of educational tools for individuals and organizations throughout the food system. Through infographics and a written report, Climate@risk and Food@risk highlights ten critical issues that shape food, agriculture, and the environment—and focuses on solutions designed to pave the way for the global community to meet the Sustainable Development Goals established in 2015 and the Paris climate agreement from the COP21 conference in Paris.

From changing consumption behaviors to reconciling with the challenges and opportunities of increased urbanization to exploring sustainability standards and technological innovation, the BCFN call-to-action focuses in on concrete, actionable change across all levels. Policymakers, international organizations, businesses, citizens, and farmers play a crucial role in remaking the food system along truly sustainable measures.

And this will all require a paradigm shift—in structures and systems—that means reconnecting agriculture to the food system, looking closely at true costs, activating networks of urban and peri-urban farmers, focusing on agriculture in approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptation, and comprehensive transitions to agroecology on farms worldwide. There is much work to be done—but it is possible, together. 

On December 1, 2016 BCFN hosts its 7th International Forum in Milan, Italy, where many of these issues will be under discussion. Watch it all on livestream via the BCFN website, the BCFN Facebook page, or

Learn more about Climate@Risk and Food@risk here.