BarEye App Launches With Support of NFL Linebacker

Another bar app hopes to make a touchdown on the digital market

Some bars are already making moves towards the technology age by taking orders on iPads. BarEye makes ordering and fulfilling orders a bit simpler.

With this new app, rejection is an easier burden to bear.

slideshow:592704] A new smartphone app called BarEye allows users to order and pay for drinks in the bar they’re in, and also send free drink vouchers to others in remote locations. Recipients can reject the vouchers, easing the pain from a potentially awkward situation. This idea came about from New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma and his business partner, Andrew Bennett. Vilma told the New York Daily News, “BarEye is a new cool way to socialize with your friends and buy drinks via the application.”


The app was successfully tested in Tallahassee, Fla., and now New York, Atlanta, Austin, Los Angeles, and Miami bar-goers will be able to join the BarEye network. Add it to the list of drinking apps we absolutely need.