Bard on the Beach

Vanier Park
Vancouver, BC


  • Go see taming of the shrew. Grit your teeth through the unbelievably sexist closing monologue, but appreciate the actors all the more for being so convincing in their portrayal of patriarchy.
  • Cheaper to go on Sunday. This place is a must for a theatre lover.
  • Bring a picnic. Snacks are kind of expensive but also good cause
  • Definitely a fun summer activity to give one respite from going out drinking.
  • The Comedy of Errors was excellent. Bravo!
  • Shakespeare Rocks and so does Bard on the Beach!
  • Save some money and attend a "preview" performance.
  • They serve red and white wine. Beer, and cider. They also have coffee and drinks at the concession! The pricing is good. Popcorn is 3.50 for a bag, that will get you through the play.
  • For a full entertainment evening go to a Bard play on a Fireworks night. They even serve dinner at intermission. Good times.
  • Bard now has reserved seats but still come early and bring a picnic cause Bard encourages that and it completes the Bard experience.
  • For the best seats, pack a picnic & get in line early!

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