A Barbie Restaurant, Guest Chef, and More News

In today's Weekly Media Mix, artisanal nachos are next, plus Eddie Huang's New York diet

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Chefs and Personalities
In the media rounds of shilling his new book, Eddie Huang shares his New York diet. There's green juice involved. [Grub Street]

Twenty-eight New Yorkers were poisoned with fish poisoning in 2010 and 2011, a still unexplained spike. [NY Times]

Chopsticks are now weapons. That is all. [Scotsman]

New restaurant Guest Chef serves as a space where chefs rotate in and out, to see if they can handle their own restaurant. [Berkeleyside]

Here is a Barbie-themed restaurant in Taiwan. It's super pink with high-heel-shaped chairs, macarons, and no sign of Ken. Independence? [NYDN]

Super Bowl
Mario Batali created a "Harbowl" of prosciutto, ravioli, and tomatoes. [ESPN]

Are artisanal, local, trendy, gourmet nachos the next big thing? How many adjectives can we add before it gets to be too much? [First We Feast]

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