Bar Tartine: Fresh Takes on Brunch and Dinner

Fresh Takes on Brunch and Dinner

Bar Tartine, famous in the Mission District for both dinner and weekend brunch, is serving up fresh, delicate combinations of what you’re used to from an American restaurant.

A sandwich you can expect to see at brunch is the smoked goat cheese melt with chard, mushrooms, and onion jam. Yes, you read that right: onion jam, a sweetened, caramelized onion concoction. No brunch is complete without eggs, and Bar Tartine is poaching them and serving the dish with asparagus, potatoes, hollandaise, and bacon.

For dinner, favorites include the potato flat bread with sour cream, the cucumber brine pickles, and the curried squash with hazelnuts and kefir buttermilk. Tartine also does twists on more typical American dishes by combining flavors from Korean and European dishes, like its green chili fisherman’s stew with collards and the pork shoulder steak with green tomato and purslane (a leafy plant high in Vitamin C and Omega-3 fatty acids). Bar Tartine’s atmosphere is warm, inviting, and bold, just like its food, so come see all that it has to offer in San Francisco’s Mission District.