Bar Sues New York City for Dumping Alcohol Down Drain

Police got rid of the bar's alcohol, saying the owner didn't have a proper liquor license

A Brooklyn bar is suing New York City for dumping their alcohol down a drain.

If you've ever dropped a can of beer and stared stupified at your wasted booze, your disappointment probably can't compare with a certain bar owner.

David Kelleran, owner of a Brooklyn bar and adjacent restaurant, has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the city for damages for the loss of alcohol.

Kelleran's liquor license for his restaurant was in need of renewal, and his check bounced. Allegedly, before his allotted 10 days to reissue a check were up, the police headed over to arrest Kelleran for selling alcohol without a license. Then, they went to get rid of his booze.

The problem? They got the wrong address. Instead of entering his restaurant, the police went into his neighboring bar, which still reportedly had a valid license. All the wine, beer, and liquor was poured down a drain, the lawsuit claims.

"Frankly, it is hard for any reasonable person to fathom that, in 2011, a high-level NYPD ranking officer would order his subordinate police officers to destroy lawful private property in this way," Kelleran's attorney said in an email. We can't help but agree; at least confiscate it in the evidence lockers (every Law & Order show tells us there is one).


(Photo Modified: Flickr/MichaelDorausch)