Bar Owner Rescues Bear From Jar on Head

The bear had a cooking oil jar stuck to its head for at least 11 days

Pennsylvania bar owner Jody Boyle and a volunteer posse of bear rescuers saved a brown bear that had been wandering the area with a cooking oil jar stuck to its head for at least 11 days.

Attracted by the smell of the cooking oil, the bear had evidently put its head into the jar to get some food and then gotten stuck. It had been wandering around bumping into things, but until this weekend nobody managed to catch up to it, even though the bear fell into at least two swimming pools while trapped that way.

"He put his head in, and had a problem," said Mike Jurbala, another rescuer, in an interview with Fox News. "He'd have died in a couple more days."

The bear was first spotted on June 3, wandering around stuck in a jar like Winnie the Pooh.

"I thought, `No one is going to believe us,"' said Morgan Laskowski, a bartender and member of the bear-rescuing crew.

Armed only with a lasso and flashlights, the rescuers managed to track the bear to a backyard by the noise it made running into things. They managed to get it into position for Pennsylvania Game Commission employee Jeff Hubler to yank the red plastic jar off its head and free it, then they got out of the way before they could be attacked by a hungry bear.


"You'd think the bear would be weak, because it hadn't eaten or drunk for a week, but it was strong," one of the rescuers said.