Banzai Pipeline

Surf Spot
O'ahu's North Shore (Kamehameha Hwy/Ehukai Beach Park)
Hale‘iwa, HI 96712


  • RIP AI
  • Sit down and watch the magic
  • Made of 3 reefs in increasingly deep water, no matter the swell size, the reef churns out deadly powerful and heavy waves over a jagged coral reef. It is home to the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.
  • Best on a NNW swell at 6-10 feet. Experience surfers only.
  • Even if you ain't good enough to surf, the break is close to the beach and makes it a perfect spot to watching!
  • You won't find waves like these anywhere else in Hawaii
  • Great beach to watch the surfers. Amazing waves and beautiful sunset!/ tima praia para ver os surfistas. Ondas gigantes e um pr-do-sol maravilhoso!
  • Not for the amateur weekend warrior surfer or for that matter even a "good" surfer. This wave is for the elite, not only because waves power but also they dont like kooks, too dangerous to play here.
  • The spot for surfing, but in the summer there weren't many waves
  • Stayed in a beach house right on the Pipeline. It was beautiful and peaceful. Watching surfing all day long.
  • This spot is amazing, you will see the best surfers in the world here. Don't be fooled by a lower looking surf day either, this spot is NOT for beginners
  • Altas ondas!
  • Front row for watching the pro contests and punishing waves.
  • Supposedly the best place to watch surfers
  • Just some very big waves
  • Quiet in summer, great swimming.
  • OAHU: Best place to watch pros battle 25-foot waves
  • Surf for big riders in the winter
  • Amazing waves, great place to watch the pros
  • Grab a chair and watch some choice waves at the world famous banzai pipeline. Always entertaining. Expect a crowd and photographers sprinkled throughout.

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