Guide To Breakfasts Around the World

Banh mi to bagels: breakfasts around the world


From “smorgas” in Scandinavia to banh mi in Vietnam, everyone treats the most important meal of the day very differently. Where some nations dive into breakfast with abandon, others take just a brief moment to refuel in the morning and look (hungrily) forward to a larger second meal.

With the world getting ever smaller and travelers seeking out every last undiscovered corner, it is easy to forget that what you know and love for breakfast isn’t always available while abroad. Breakfasts around the world are getting muddled with growing options, like American cereals making their way into Eastern breakfast vernacular. When traveling, though, it’s always more fun to dive in to local cuisine even first thing in the morning.

A traditional breakfast for any given country can inspire a sense of national pride and home. Rather than just grabbing a quick espresso and a pastry as you head out the door, take the time to indulge in traditional or typical local breakfast.


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