Band Geeks Eat: Bowl Game Trips

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Band Geeks Eat: Bowl Game Trips

Robert Wery, Flute, Journalism

Roscoes during the Rose Bowl two years ago. It’s like no other restaurant I’ve ever been to before. It’s like a fourth meal, but on a whole different level above Taco Bell.”


Photo by Hannah Giardina

Nicole Stanger, Alto Saxophone, Journalism

“Oh that barbecue place [The County Line] on the River Walk in San Antonio, it was so delicious. I had chicken and potatoes.”


Photo by Hannah Giardina

Zachary Horn, Mellophone, Theater

“The free alcohol that was given to us. The Embassy Suites Hotel in San Antonio had free drinks for hotel guests. It was so great!”


Photo By Hannah Giardina

Emma Kleck, Trumpet, Human Physiology

“The New Year’s Eve dinner at the 2012 Rose Bowl at Bubba Gump, that was super fun!”


Photo by Hannah Giardina

Derek White, Sousaphone, Music Education

Fatburger. It was 5 minutes away from our hotel on the Rose Bowl trips. The sousaphones went probably four out of the six nights we were there. It has great greasy, cheap burgers.”


Photo by Hannah Giardina

Brittany Reese, Color Guard, Undeclared with a Business minor

“There is this pizza place on the River Walk in San Antonio called Pizzaritas. It is yummalicious!”


Photo by Hannah Giardina

Recently the band has traveled extensively, making these restaurants the top picks and most memorable out of multiple cities traveled to. So if you ever find yourself in San Antonio or the Pasadena area, try one of these restaurants.

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