Balsamic Braised Ribs and More

In this week's Recipe Review, deep-fried pancakes, plus a spinach chop

Check out our editors' picks for this week's top food section recipes.

NY Mag

• Heidi Swanson's spinach chop mixed with egg, harissa, and lemon is surprisingly sweet. 

LA Times

• Double chocolate, walnuts, espresso — all the fixings for a gooey, delicious cookie.

NY Times

• An easy stir-fry combines tofu, cabbage, carots, and red peppers for an quick, healthy meal.

SF Chronicle

• What to make in a classic Dutch oven? Mix up a chili and beans recipe, made with pinto beans, sirloin, and four different types of chile.


• Ricotta makes everything better — with some onion, spinach, and fettucine, this pasta dish makes weeknight meals special.

Seattle Times

• Add balsamic vinegar and seasoned stock to this braised ribs recipe, then serve with polenta or potatoes.

Portland Press Herald

• Different meals, one sticky sweet ingredient: maple syrup. Use it in the grillled salmon with maple syrup and sea salt recipe.

Washington Post

• Another salmon recipe, this one with orange, chile, and bok choy.

Wall Street Journal

• Expect to be a hit at brunch with this recipe: pancakes, deep-fried with maple cream syrup.

Kitchen Daily

• This grilled eggplant sandwich comes with veggie fixings, plus a creamy celeriac sauce.