Ballantine Hall

Row 1

1020 E Kirkwood Ave
Bloomington, IN 47405
Academic Building, Classroom, Café

Foursquare Tips

  • Suck it up and take the stairs.
  • The womens bathroom stalls have incredible inspirational readings. I usually don't leave until I read them all.
  • Despite what some say... DO TAKE the elevator to the fourth floor to go to class on the 3rd. Who cares if faculty and AIs don't like it.
  • Count the flights of stairs you are walking up because the signs in the stairwell will throw you off.
  • Take the elevator to the 4th floor then go down the stairs to look like the ultimate spoiled white kid
  • The stairs kill here
  • Did you wait until the last minute to print off your paper? Computer labs are located on the first and third floors and there's printer stations scattered throughout the building.
  • Despite what some say... DO NOT take the elevator to the 4th floor when goin to the 3rd. You will gain enduring hatred from faculty and AIs alike
  • For 3rd floor classes, take the elevator to 4th floor and walk down a flight. Worth it when you're not yet awake
  • The guy handing out blue cards advertising part time work for $14.25 base appt. is from Vector Marketing Corp. It is a SCAM!!! (Google it.)
  • Check out the political graffiti in the 2nd stall of the 3rd floor women's RR. Add to the conversation!
  • I'm sad the globe stopped turning and the Sherlock Holmes graffiti is gone from the ladies room.
  • Walking to the 3rd floor of ballantine is quite the workout. I'd suggest wearing a sweatsuit & tennis shoes.
  • Don't wear a coat this winter if you are trekking to the 3rd floor. This building is hot!!
  • There are always the most people at the front entrance. Try to avoid all that.
  • Get ready for mislabeled stairwells and elevators that only go to certain floors!
  • Be prepared to be hot the WHOLE time you're here. And the surplus of stairs don't help
  • There's a student lounge on the ground floor near the elevators containing a bunch of vending machines.
  • The stairs are a nightmare
  • Stats is the worst class ever and norbert is the worst teacher ever