Baja California Culinary Fest Returns for 4th Year

For the first time ever, Baja California Culinary Fest is teaming up with The Culinary Conference Ensenada Gastronómica to present a full five days of mouth-watering excitement. From October 29 to November 2, guests will be able to explore the flavors of Baja and discover the natural resources of the region. Chefs’ dinners, outings, tours and culinary competitions are among the exciting events planned for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Baja California Culinary Fest celebrates the unique tastes of Baja with guest chefs, wine makers and experts who will inspire culinary students, members of the press, epicurians and promoters of Mexican cuisine. The fourth annual festivities kick off with “Sweet” and “Savory” competitions at Tijuana’s Culinary Institute and an Inaugural dinner in the colorful Mercado Hidalgo. Participating chefs will present traditional Tijuana urban cuisine.

Ensenada Gastronomica Conference, in its third consecutive year, will be exhibiting the most important topics in Mexican Cuisine on October 30 and 31. Featuring demonstrations and workshops from Mexico’s premier chefs and special guests, this year’s theme will be “Sustainable Mexico, Local and Seasonal Cuisine.”

Chefs' Dinners will take place on October 30, 31 and November 1. Featured chefs include; Javier Plascencia, Miguel Angel Guerrero, Martín Gonzalez,Gerard Bellver, Zahie Tellez, Bianca Castro, Diego Hernandez, Dominique Crenn, Humberto Avilés, Benito and Solange, Bruno Oteiza,Manolo Baños, Flor Franco, Luis Robledo, Esteban Lluis, Roberto Alcocer, Francisco Ruano, Manuel Rubio, Ludo Lefevre, Ryan Steyn, Drew Deckman, Zahie Téllez, Sano Hussong and Victor Zárate.

The Tijuana Street Food Tour with Sommelier is not to be missed! At this event, CTH will offer sommelier Taylor Parsons from Los Angeles to join their roving supper club and pair their street food menu with wines from the Guadalupe Valley. Tour includes transportation, gourmet cuisine and wine. Led by the host chefs at Ensenada’s Marina of the Coral y Marina Hotel, guests will work hand-in-hand with chefs to learn shellfish and outdoor grilling techniques, and how to pair them with wines from the region.

On November 1 participants will meet at the Hotel Coral y Marina in Ensenada and take part in The Ruta Del Vino Outing, where guests will visit three local wineries. The trip includes two wine tastings at each stop, plus a tour of the Museo del Vino and a country-style lunch.

For the last day of the festival they are offering an Aquaculture Farm Visit with a High Sea Brunch! After meeting at the Hotel Coral y Marina in Ensenada, guests will take a guided boat tour and visit aquaculture farms, where hosts will explain process and production methods. The morning ends with a brunch on the water.

To close the event all are invited to Finca Altozano for Food Trucks in the Valle, where each guest can browse the best food trucks from Baja California. There's something for everyone with regional wines and craft beer, live music, hot-air balloon rides and a gourmet villa where you will be able to find a sampling of all of the best local products such as preserves, cheeses, olive oils and artisanal bread.

Both events promise a feast of opportunity to celebrate the culinary riches of the Baja region. For more information on times, locations and reservations go to: