Bacon Not Disappearing, Just Getting Pricier

That bacon shortage? It's happening, but it's not the end of breakfast

OK Internet, calm down. A bacon shortage doesn't necessarily mean that you'll never have bacon ever again.

Last week, Britain's National Pig Association scared the world by announcing that a "world shortage of pork and bacon next year is now unavoidable." Since then, everyone (us included) couldn't help but wonder what would happen to double bacon cheeseburgers, and proceeded to freak out.

But of course, a shortage doesn't mean that bacon is disappearing. As AP reports, prices for bacon and other pork products may rise as much as 10 percent, but that's about it.

"Pork supplies will decrease slightly as we go into 2013," Farm Bureau economist John Anderson told the AP. "But the idea that there'll be widespread shortages, that we'll run out of pork, that's really overblown."

So there you have it: Bacon will still be around, but it'll just cost more money. Luckily, there isn't a fat tax stateside, as of yet.