Is Bacon the Next Diamond?

This hilarious commercial asks you to 'Say It with Bacon'

No longer happy with being a breakfast staple, bacon is now trying to become the next diamond. Except, you know, bacon isn't forever like diamonds are.

In a new ad campaign from Oscar Mayer, Jezebel notes that the commercial is also a hilarious parody of lamesauce diamond commercials. "Cut, color, cure, consistency: These are the four factors of the Oscar Mayer original strip. When it's time for the ultimate expression of love, say it on a plate," the narrator says.

The commercial is part of a new campaign hoping to get wives and kids to buy some bacon for their dads this Father's Day, asking you to express yourself with some breakfast meat. "When words just aren't enough," a soft-spoken woman says, "Say it with bacon," as a woman pulls out a plush black box filled with strips of bacon.

For more bacon lovers, there are all sorts of bacon-inspired products like cuff links over on the Oscar Mayer website; thankfully, there is no bacon cologne.