A Bacon Lattice Pie-Topper for Your Party Dessert

Why go basic when you can go bacon?

Who could resist this bacon pie crust?

We can all agree that pie crust is delicious, but why not shock your guests this summer and break away from the norm with a bacon lattice pie crust in place of your usual flour version? Whether your pie is savory or sweet, bacon never fails to take any dish to the next level, and pie is no exception.

You’ll be amazed by our Bacon Weave Apple Pie Recipe, as two classic American flavors collide, creating a perfect marriage of savory and sweet. Or perhaps make your main dish a bit more scandalous and keep it savory by topping a lattice bacon pie weave over a dish of mac and cheese, such as our Cheez-It Mac and Cheese.


Regardless of how and where you use it, your guests will be amazed, and won’t be able to resist digging it to this crispy, crunchy flavor-bomb. Break away from basic at your next bash and whip out the bacon!