'Bacon Boys' Getting Reality TV Show

The guys behind Bacon Salt and the Bacon Coffin are going to be on TV

Bacon Salt

We should've seen this coming. With all the ridiculous bacon products out there (including the Bacon Coffin), Deadline reports that LMNO (Leave My Name Off) Productions is working on a reality TV show with the guys behind J&D Foods.

If you recall, J&D Foods is the company behind Bacon Salt, the Bacon Coffin, Baconnaise, BaconPOP, Bacon Ranch, Bacon Gravy, Bacon Croutons, baconlube, and Bacon Lip Balm.

The show, still untitled, will follow "The Bacon Boys" Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow as they make everything taste like bacon.

"The 'Bacon Boys' are what reality buyers are asking for," LMNO CEO Eric Schotz told Variety. "Big characters, working in an interesting subculture who are completely authentic. These guys are all that, just wrapped in bacon… and who doesn't love bacon?"

As for the bacon boys themselves, they're pretty psyched. "In the great American tradition of making the ridiculous even more ridiculous-er, we at J&D’s Foods look forward to joining the ranks of Snooki, the Kardashians and [Flavor] Flav as America’s next great reality TV stars," Esch and Lefkow told Deadline.